Swallowing Knives Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

You may be wondering if swallowing knives can be hazardous to your health. A man in India spent two months swallowing knives and had 40 of them surgically removed from his stomach, according to the doctor who led the operation. “He had a wild urge to consume metal. Even for us, the experienced surgeons, it was frightening,” Dr. Jatinder Malhotra stated. “We were so nervous… a small mistake could have taken the patient’s life. In my 20 years of practice, I have never seen anything like it.”

doctorMalhotra said it took his team about two days to form a diagnosis and surgery plan. The five-hour operation took place in the northern Indian city of Amritsar, a Sikh holy city in the state. Malhotra said they found foldable knives, which when fully extended were about seven inches long.
 “He [the patient] says he swallowed some knives folded, and some unfolded. When we took out the knives — some were found folded, some were open, and some had even started rusting and were broken,” Malhotra said. The patient, a 42-year-old father of two, said he’s feeling much better. “I’m sorry I let my family down. I’ll be forever thankful to doctors and hospital staff for saving my life,” he said.

 “I don’t know why I used to swallow knives,” the patient said. “I just enjoyed its taste and I was addicted … how people get addicted to alcohol and other things, my situation was similar.” Malhotra believes the patient has a very rare mental disorder that most likely has not been published in any international medical journal. The patient won’t be discharged until he’s cleared by psychiatrists.

This proves swallowing knives is dangerous to your physical and mental health. You are welcome for this scientific information.

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