Cops Mistaken For Strippers

Cops were mistaken for strippers in Germany when they arrived at a party tent in the southwestern town of Bendorf after a birthday party got a bit too loud.

They were cheered by the ladies who thought they were strippers dressed as cops. Several attempts to explain to the “approximately 10 tipsy women” that the officers were genuine law enforcement “were completely unsuccessful,” police added.

Revelers posed for pictures with the officers and female party-goers asked for hugs with the men in uniform. But the two professionals needed something for their police report — routine procedure — and asked for the birthday girl’s phone number.

“This boosted the amusement of the ladies sky high,” police said in a statement. It added that the women eventually turned down the music once they spotted the police vehicle outside the tent and realized the officers were not there to dance.

Moral of the story: When you see a cop don’t automatically assume he will strip for you.

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