Desert Reindeer Rehearsal Herd

Buckeye AZ Reindeer?  Are they auditioning for Santa?  Maybe not, but check this out.

A  woman driving into work late at night captured video of an unusual scene — 50 to 60 deer walking down a residential street.

deerJane Adams said she was headed to work at Walmart about 1:15 a.m. Sunday in the Verrado area of Buckeye when she had to stop her car because of the gathering of white-tailed deer in the middle of the road.


Adams recorded cellphone video of her encounter with the quadrupedal pedestrians.

“One started to come up to my window,” Adams said. “I wondered, ‘What the heck?'”

“There was one male and the rest were mommies and all the babies,” she said.

Adams said the encounter slowed her drive.

“I had to stay behind them and had them keep walking,” she said. “They finally took a left and got off the roadway and onto a sidewalk.”

She said she showed the video to children shopping at Walmart with their parents as evidence that “Santa Claus is in town.”

O.K., maybe they weren’t reindeer. But Christmas is near and where do deer come from in the desert?

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