Six Figure Water Bill

Imagine opening your water bill to see a six-figure charge on the paper. It happened to a man in Buckeye, AZ

Jerry Bryant, who owns a home near Sun Valley Parkway and the Interstate 10, says the City of Buckeye is asking him to pay nearly $441,000. He says he got the bill while no one was staying in the home.

Over the last several months, dozens of Buckeye residents have complained of mysterious spikes in their water bills, but this one is the highest so far. The bill claims he used over 26 million gallons last month.  “I may have to look for somebody to run my new marina out there. I only own an acre and a half and 26 million gallons of water, there’s got to be a lake down there someplace,” said Bryant.

The city’s mayor faces a recall effort because of a series of huge water bills to even more residents. Most of those are between $600 and $1,200.
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Bryant’s bill comes after another high one the previous month, over $3,000. He had the property checked out at the time and found no leaks. Admitting an error, the city replaced his meter and gave him a refund. Then he got this bill. He says he couldn’t believe it when he opened the envelope.

“Since I had just had triple bypass surgery, I was afraid I might have a heart attack. I never received a bill of any kind with so many numbers on it,” said Bryant.

He says he called the City of Buckeye last Monday and says so far he has not received a callback.

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