Out Of Africa Wildlife Park

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is a truly unique experience. It is not a zoo. It is 104 acres of a wilderness wildlife park. Exotic animals from Africa and all over the world roam in spacious habitats here. You get to see their natural behavior up close. You also get to see exciting shows like Tiger Splash, Wonders of Wildlife and Predator Feed.  You can even partake in feeding some tigers. The people who work here genuinely care for the animals.  Every animal in the park has plenty of room, in many cases, acres.On the 45-minute African Bush Safari, you will experience the heart of Africa in the heart of

Arizona. This is an authentic African photo safari with expert park guides narrating throughout your tour. While riding in a safari vehicle you can feed a giraffe and maybe get a gentle kiss from him. You also will see zebras, ostriches and many horned animals. When animals of different species live together, they develop their character to a greater degree. Treats are provided so that you may feed the animals.

On nearby hills, prides of lions or other predators overlook their domain, which shows you and the prey animals in the Safari. Don’t worry, they cannot get to you. Unobstructed photo platforms provide excellent photo opportunities of lions, tigers, wolves, hyena, and other predators that live in large, natural habitats.

Many of the predator animals at Out of Africa Wildlife Park also live with other species.  For instance two bears share their habitat with a mountain lion and a tiger and leopard share their grounds. Follow the animal caretakers on a Predator Feed as they throw 800 pounds of raw food to eagerly waiting carnivores. This is an opportunity to see how large animals, such as lions and tigers eat. This occurs on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3:00 P.M.

The Tiger Splash is a must see. Tigers interact in a predator/prey relationship of playing and splashing in a 35-foot by 50-foot pool as they interact with their caretakers and all sorts of colorful toys. Through the live narration, you’ll discover how instincts and intellect interact to form spontaneous, natural behavior. Show time is seven days a week at 1:30 P.M.

There is a daily snake event where you can see the world’s largest species of snakes. These include Anacondas, Pythons and Boas. With the help of a Park Caretaker, you may touch, pet and even hold some of these giant snakes.

The aviary has nearly 20,000 cubic feet for freedom of flight. It also has boma columns made of wood. The boma columns are designed to be used for nesting and chew toys combined. The residents include many exotic birds. Some of the birds are parrots, which can live up to 60 years and beyond. I have observed many local birds trying to get into this aviary but the ones inside never seem to want out.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park is open year round every day. It is located in Camp Verde just 90 minutes North of Phoenix metro area, and 30 minutes from Sedona. For more information including discounts and amazing videos click here.