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Arizona Trails

Hiking on Arizona trails is one of the attractions to tourists, as well as many residents. There are thousands of marked trails to choose from. These range from easy short flat land trails to trails in the mountains lasting many days. Northern Arizona has some of the most beautiful trails in the country, if not the world. This area includes Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Prescott and The Grand Canyon amongst others.

Of course the northern part of the state is not the only placesedona to hike. Arizona trails are all over the state which is rich in minerals and old west history. There is desert hiking as well as mountain hiking in any quadrant of the state. Beautiful flora is abundant on many trails from the Saguaro Cactus of the desert to the Ponderosa Pines of the mountains. Wildlife is also abundant. Coyotes and Javelina are seen in all areas. Also remember the Mountain Lions and Rattlesnakes you should stay clear of.

One thing to remember when hiking Arizona trails is to have plenty of water. Dehydration has caused plenty of people to need emergency medical care. Many have had to be hospitalized and more than a few have died. This is especially true when hiking in the desert but is also true when mountain hiking. Remember, the mountains in Arizona are high desert.

Another important thing to remember is to stay on the trails.trail 37  Many of the trails are in wilderness areas. It is easy to get disoriented and lost when you trek off the trails. Many people going on hikes in remote areas have never returned and have never been found.

There are too many trails to mention here. I have searched the internet and found one sight that lists over 2,000 Arizona trails. You can find any hike easily, including maps and GPS coordinates. It also has reviews from hikers, pictures of hikes and any information about a hike you could possibly need.

If you want to go mountain biking or bring your horse, this is the place to check. Also the best times of the year to hike at a particular trail is shown. Believe it or not, there are places to hike which have lakes and even waterfalls. You can also find trails with ancient ruins and other historical relics.

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