bearizonaBearizona, located in Williams (altitude 6700 ft.),is a great place to visit when you want an adventure, and also to get out of the Arizona heat. Bearizona is a wildlife park offering a drive-thru experience starring wolves, bears, bison, mountain goats & more. It also is within 50 miles of The Grand Canyon, which makes it a great stop when going to or from the Canyon.

bearsIt is an adventure to drive through the portions with large animals like bison, sheep, goats, and bears. They literally come close to your car. You can drive through as many times as you want.




owlNext to do is walk through Fort Bearizona, which includes baby bears and many other animals (porcupine, javelina, beaver, etc).  The High country raptor show is very interesting. You get to see these predatory birds up close.

There is also a petting mini farm for your children.

Both Yelp and Trip Advisor reviewers give this park four and one half out of five stars.

Bearizona Website

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