Jerome is located between Prescott and Flagstaff. It was founded in 1876 as a copper mining camp of tents and grew into a community. It was incorporated as a city in 1899.  In its prime, 3,000,000 pounds of copper were extracted each month.  In 1967 it was designated a National Historic District by the federal government. The town’s elevation is about 5200 ft. and it is a popular artist community and tourist attraction.

Jerome is famous for its “ghosts”, some calling it the ghost capital of the southwest. According to local residents the community center is even haunted, some calling it “Spook Hall”. The Jerome Grand Hotel was converted from an old mining hospital and is known for its  ghosts. The hotel was featured twice on the Travel Channel (Zak Bagans Ghost Adventures and Zak Bagans Paranormal Challenge).

Many of the buildings used by present-day businesses are those built after the fires of 1894 and1899. A number of the buildings have been restored and more are planned for restoration. Due to the 30-degree incline of the mountainside, gravity has pulled a number of buildings down the slope. The buildings still standing make for interesting visiting.

“Prostitution Row” is located in the “Cribs District”. This is across the street from the English Kitchen in a back alley. This alley was often referred to as “Husbands’ Alley”. The first wooden buildings in Jerome were houses of prostitution, some two stories high. The women who could not get work in a brothel often worked in small shacks (called cribs) in Husbands’ Alley .

Although a woman could make money selling her services, the profession was plagued with violence and disease. Some were killed by clients, others died from drugs and alcohol. For believers of the paranormal, this alley is haunted by the ghosts of prostitutes who met their untimely deaths while plying their trade.

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