Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is located in Papago Park, not far from downtown Phoenix and about 10 minutes from the airport. Parking is free at the Phoenix Zoo.

There are four major themed areas in the 125 acre Phoenix Zoo where visitors can experience exhibits representing different parts of the world. These are the Arizona Trail, the Africa Trail, the Tropics Trail, and the Discovery/Children’s Trail.

The Arizona Trail shows the fauna and flora native to Arizona. The Saguaro Cactus, which is native only to the Sonora Desert, is one of the featured plants. You will also see native animals such as javelina (peccary), mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, the Mexican Grey wolf, bald eagle and other native animals and birds.

The Africa Trail showcases many of the most popular animals in the world, including the cheetah, African Wild Dogs, baboon, mandrill, ostrich, Mhorr’s gazelle, White Rhino, meerkats, African Lions, and Sumatran Tigers.

The Tropics Trail splits into an inner and outer trail. The inner trail contains the Tropical Flights Aviary, as well as Monkey Village. Tropical Flight Aviary is filled with many species of tropical birds. They live, play and breed in this large aviary. Monkey Village takes you inside the habitat of the Zoo’s Squirrel monkeys. As you walk along the pathway, monkeys may be peaking through the trees beside you or walking on ropes above you.

The outer Tropics Trail passes by the Land of the Dragons exhibit, Asian elephants, black jaguar, Galapagos and Aldabra tortoises, iguanas, capybaras, anteaters, Chacoan peccary, and an assortment of tropical birds. It includes the Forest of Uco, a lush rainforest landscape that surrounds visitors along a 1 mile walking trail and includes reproductions of a South American mercado, a scientific expedition and ruins.

The Children’s Trail lets children get close to many small mammals from around the world, including wallabys, an ocelot, a caracal, an African crested porcupine, raccoons, Siamang gibbons, and golden-mantled tamarins. Continuing on the trail will take you through Harmony Farm, featuring farm animals, a petting zoo, and demonstrations on farming and agriculture oriented toward children.

Fun things to do during your visit

  • Ride the Endangered Species Carousel.
  • Take a 25 minute trip around the Zoo on the Safari Train. 
  • Visit the Stingray Bay and touch a real stingray. 
  • Ride a camel.
  • Feed giraffes at Giraffe Encounter. 
  • Navigate around the lake in a pedal boat that you can rent.

Go to the Phoenix Zoo Website for more information.