PRESCOTT   (pronounced press-kit)                                                                                Prescott is in the mountains. Many Arizona residents have cabins or summer homes in the area. It is not only historic, it is active year round. Prescott was the capital of the Arizona Territory from 1877 to 1889. The elevation is about one mile above sea level so with it’s warm days and cool nights it is a great spot for a summer home.

Prescott has four seasons. Winter has cold nights and some snow at the higher surrounding elevations. The days are pleasant and the thermometer usually hits 50 degrees or more, even in the coldest months. There are over 300 days of sunshine. The mountain air is clean and refreshing.

Whiskey Row has a lot of history. The Palace Saloon opened in 1877 and still is a  great place for dinner, drinks and entertainment.  “Junior Bonner”, with Steve Mcqueen, was filmed in Prescott.  The big fight scene of that movie was done in the Palace.  Another famous landmark on Whiskey Row is Matt’s Saloon.

The town square has many nightly events in the summer. You can sit under the stars on a cool night and watch the entertainment.  Weekends are alive with events year round in downtown Prescott.  Hotel St Michael and the Hassayampa Inn are two recognized historic hotels in town. The Hassayampa Inn has been rated Arizona’s #1 historic hotel. Try their dining room when you are in town. You will not be disappointed.

Sharlot Hall is one of the museums in town. The first Territorial Governor’s residence and offices, as well as other historic buildings are located there. It is interesting to see what type of accommodations governors had in the late 1800s. Sharlot Hall also offers many special events and shows year round.



There are over 400 miles of trails in Prescott and the surrounding Prescott National Forest. Many of them get you to high enough attitudes to have spectacular views of the surrounding  countryside.



This is a picture of Watson lake in Prescott. You can see the snow capped San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff in the background. They are 70+ miles Northeast.

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