Sharlot Hall Museum

Sharlot Hall Museum is located on 415 W. Gurley St., in Prescott. It gets a “GEM” rating by AAA. Sharlot Hall Museum is on 3.5 acres of land. The museum features seven historic buildings, many exhibits and beautiful rose and herb gardens. The gardens serve as the setting for numerous public festivals.

The library and archives are open to the public. There you will find a vast collection of rare books, original documents, historical photographs, maps and oral history. The Blue Rose Theater offers an entire season of historically based plays.

The Sharlot Hall Museum has both permanent and special exhibits, living history programs, and outdoor theater performances. There are several annual festivals at the museum. One is the popular Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering. The “Governor’s Mansion” is part of the museum complex. This building was completed in 1864 for John Goodman, Arizona’s first territorial governor. The mansion’s furnishings and artifacts depict the period of 1864-1867.

Sharlot Hall Museum is named after its founder, Sharlot Hall (1870-1943), who became well known as a poet, activist, politician, and Arizona’s first territorial historian.  As early as 1907, Ms. Hall saw the need to save Arizona’s history and planned to develop a museum.  In 1909 Sharlot Hall was named Territorial Historian and became the first woman to hold territorial office.

She began to collect both Native American and pioneer material. In 1927, she began restoring the first Territorial Governor’s residence and offices and moved her collection of artifacts and documents. Sharlot Hall started the museum in 1928, comprised of her collection of artifacts and historical documents. She moved them to the Governor’s Mansion, which is preserved on the grounds and can be visited today.

The Sharlot Hall Museum offers tours for school groups as well as the general public.Tours are conducted by volunteer guides. The second Saturday of every month, the Sharlot Hall Museum campus comes to life with costumed interpreters of the state’s frontier past.

Go to The Sharlot Hall Museum Website to get more information and the schedule of events.