Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium is just west of Phoenix in Litchfield Park. The Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium has Arizona’s largest collection of exotic animals, most of them from Africa. There are over 6,000 animals representing more than 600 species. The complex covers 95 acres. You will find wild cats, monkeys, lots of exotic birds and more. Most of the animals are in an open natural environment

It is an easy zoo to navigate. Take the map provided at the entrance, start in one direction or another, and you can methodically work your way around the park.

One of the highlights at Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium is the giraffe-feeding platform.  Another popular attraction is the Wildlife Encounter Show. Several times per day people will gather in the Wildlife World Zoo amphitheater to see handlers work with birds, animals, and reptiles. There are many large and colorful birds to see. Bird feedings are popular attractions here.

You can take the Wildlife Sky Ride and see the entire park from above. The Safari Train Ride at Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium will take you on a narrated ride through the African wildlife habitats. Each ride is about fifteen minutes. There is also a carousel, an Australian boat ride and a log flume ride. All rides at Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium have a charge in addition to the admission fee.

There are three separate aquarium buildings. They are The Diversity of Life in Water, The Wild and The Wonderful and Predators. The aquarium includes nearly 150 aquatic and semi-aquatic species, including the famous White Alligator.

After 5 p.m. every day of the year you can go to the aquarium only by paying a reduced evening admission charge. If you are primarily going to the aquarium, there is a larger paved parking lot east of the original dirt parking lot. That paved parking lot has an entrance and gift shop right near the aquarium and the Tiburon Restaurant.

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