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Sunniest State

cat in sunFlorida is known as the “Sunshine State” but it is the fifth sunniest state according to the National Weather Service. The order of sunniest states is (1) Arizona (2) California (3) Nevada (4) Texas (5) Florida
Source: USA Today

Apalachicola, the sunniest spot in Florida, sees an average of 128 clear sunny days per year and Miami has 74. Yuma, Ariz., has 242.

Out of the top 10 sunniest places on earth, the 1st, 2nd and 6th are in Arizona

Average hours of sunshine for the ten sunniest places on earth
Country                       Place                                 Year       Day
United States          Yuma, Arizona             4015       11.0
United States        Phoenix, Arizona         3872        10.6
Egypt                         Asswan                             3863        10.6
United States      Las Vegas, Nevada      3825         10.5
Sudan                     Dongola                            3814         10.4
United States     Tucson, Arizona            3806         10.4
Chad                        Faya-Largeau                3792          10.4
Egypt                       Kharga                              3791         10.4
Sudan                    Abu Hamed                     3763         10.3
United States    El Paso, Texas                 3763         10.3
Source: Current Results Research News & Science Facts